Raspanti Law Firm

Criminal Defense

Whenever a law firm is retained in a criminal defense matter, it is uniformly agreed that the sooner the attorney can get involved in a case the better. For that reason, the Raspanti Law Firm encourages immediate contact and interface with an attorney regarding the criminal charge. We encourage probable defendants not to make statements to the police prior to first consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney, who has known the business from both the prosecution and defense side.

Many times these types of charges can be dealt with prior to an arrest and the situation can be defused. Most importantly, contact the Raspanti Law Firm immediately upon realizing a criminal charge may be in the offing.


DWI - DUI Defense

A specialty of the Raspanti Law Firm is DWI and DUI defenses. This area of the law has become more complicated and penalties have increased over the last decade. The Raspanti Law Firm has handled 100’s of DWI and DUI cases and is experienced in both the pharmacology and physiology of DWI defense, along with all legal issues going forward.

Many of the tests done by law enforcement can be challenged on many grounds and the Raspanti Law Firm is well versed in these issues. If you have an issues regarding first or subsequent DWI’s, please do not hesitate to contact the Raspanti Law Firm for representation of DWI or DUI in the metropolitan New Orleans area.


Sex Crimes

The Raspanti Law Firm has earned a reputation as the go-to firm for all accusations of sex offenses. These crimes not only bring with them the possibility of extensive jail time, but also tarnish of reputation of the accused. These cases need to be handled in a specific way and the Raspanti Law Firm has the technical and logistical abilities to see you through the nightmare of a sex crime accusation.