Raspanti Law Firm

Case Histories


The Raspanti Law Firm represented Jake Sterling in the first degree murder case entitled, “State of Louisiana v. Jake Sterling”, Case No. 379-263, Section “E”, where Mr. Sterling was facing the death penalty.  When the jury found Mr. Sterling not guilty, it was the only not guilty verdict in a death penalty case in the year 1997.

“State of Louisiana v. Neel Thomas”, 24thJudicial District Court Case No. 00-1231, Section “O”

In this Jefferson Parish case, Neel Thomas was charged with second degree murder.  Neel confessed to the murder before hiring the Raspanti Law Firm for representation.  The Raspanti Law Firm proved that this confession was coerced and inappropriately obtained.  The District Attorney’s Office ultimately dismissed all charges against Neel Thomas in this highly publicized case in 2001.



“United States of America v. David Melancon” , Criminal Docket No. 08-150

David Melancon was charged with conspiracy to sell large quantities of drugs in the Metropolitan New Orleans area.  The Raspanti Law Firm represented Mr. Melancon in Section “F” of the United States District Court and Mr. Melancon was found not guilty of these drug conspiracy charges.  It was the first time in over ten years that the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District lost a drug conspiracy case at trial.